Business Support

The Town of Claremont is committed to supporting local businesses to start, grow and succeed.

If you are starting a new business or need some business support to keep your business on track, then keep up to date with support available through the resources below.

Small Business Friendly Initiative

The Town of Claremont is participating in Small Business Development Corporation’s Small Business Friendly initiative.

We are committed to the charter to support our local small business community by:

  • Recognising it as an important stakeholder and consulting regularly.
  • Understanding how small businesses operate, their needs, goals and key challenges.
  • Providing clear service standards, setting out what we will do to support local business.
  • Giving clear advice and guidance to help business owners meet their regulatory obligations.
  • Regularly reviewing our policies to check for ‘small business friendliness.
  • Taking reasonable action to limit unnecessary administrative burdens.
  • Ensuring prompt payment of small business invoices.
  • Providing networking and other development opportunities for local business owners.
  • Establishing a business advisory group to assist us in understanding the needs of local business.
  • Managing disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.

In addition to this, the Town has also committed to the following:

  • Review digital marketing
  • Host an event that fuses the Claremont Town Centre business sector with a major community event providing a destination marketing opportunity to attract visitors.
  • Provide networking and knowledge based opportunities for local businesses.
  • Conduct market research and build on the 2017 research program.