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Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Appreciation

Each year, the Town recognises its volunteers. The volunteer appreciation dinner will be held in December 2022. Check back here for information closer to the date.

Volunteer award winners 2021

The Town of Claremont has recognised the outstanding contribution of some of its residents in this year’s volunteer awards. The Awards were held at the Town’s administration office on 13 October 2021 in celebration of the 6 million Australians who volunteer in some capacity. Mayor Jock Barker said Claremont volunteers play a vital role in helping our community. “The Town of Claremont would not be able to run efficiently without the help and support of our volunteering community,” he said.

“Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping others and our environment and we are so fortunate to have so many people who give tirelessly to the Town.”

The awards were open to teams and individuals who have given tirelessly to the community, with prize money donated to the winner’s community group, charity or school. 

Volunteer of the Year - Wilma Van Boxtel

Wilma is the founder and backbone of many local organisations such as Repair Lab, Buy Nothing & the Lending Library. She is passionate about educating people how they can reuse, repair and recycle rather than buy new disposable items which often end up in landfill. Her passion has grown the support of various groups and a huge volunteer base which attend several events per year.

Senior Volunteer of the Year Award - Gerald Jenkins 

Gerald Jenkins has volunteered over 20 years’ service at the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre. He has helped re-train horses as well as assisting with the running of the centre and an integral part of the fundraising committee. His work has allowed the centre to continuously provide quality service to a variety of clients both in & out of the Claremont area.

Volunteer Team of the Year Award - Friends of Lake Claremont 

The Friends of Lake Claremont have been active at Claremont lake for 30 years. Their objective is to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of the wetlands and surrounding areas. There work to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of the wetlands have transformed the lake from a highly degraded wetland into a beautiful and flourishing parkland that’s treasured by the community.

Youth Volunteer of the Year Award - Andrew Reed

Andrew has been an avid attendee of the Scotch College Environmental Club for 3 years. Andrew is the ‘go-to’ man for sorting recycling as well as being a great contributor to soil preparation and growing of plants. He is polite, kind, helpful and is best known for his love of growing plants and his keen sense of smell.

Interested in volunteering in Claremont?  Contact the Volunteer Resource Centre on 9273 3640 or or

Claremont volunteers play a vital role in helping our community, and the Town’s Volunteer Awards recognise the importance of the contribution each volunteer makes, as well as providing funding to support these community groups.  2021’s judges Mayor Jock Barker, Cr Annette Suann and Cr Jill Goetze were torn between the selection of great nominations. “Hundreds of people donate their time to their local sporting groups, local churches, school communities and to other local groups for the betterment of our entire community, but we feel the winners this year have gone above and beyond,” Cr Suann said.

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