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Projects and works


Workzone permit applications are required to be submitted seven working days prior to the commencement of works to temporarily obstruct a verge, footpath or road. Please also provide sketch of work zone area. To obstruct parking bays, refer to application to hire a parking bay.

Work Zone Application July 2023

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Road Signs

Roads signs line markings and traffic signals are serviced by Main Roads WA. To report a problem with a road sign please lodge the problem with Main Roads WA 


To report a problem with the Town’s roads, paths, drainage, street name and parking signs, or any other infrastructure, contact us.


To report a problem with Streetlights please lodge the problem with Western Power, unless in the Town Centre (Bay View Terrace, St Quentin Ave and Freshwater Close then please contact us)

Sewer or Mains Water

To report a problem with Sewer or Mains Water please lodge the problem with Watercorp.


Council approval is required prior to the construction of a new crossover, or the modification of an existing crossover. They must be constructed to the Town’s standards and specifications. 

Where a new premises is constructed the Town will contribute 50% towards the cost of the new crossover up to $500. This subsidy will also apply when upgrading an existing bitumen crossover to current standards and specifications, an application form can be found below.

Download the current standard drawing, specifications and an Application Form.

Crossover maintenance is the responsibility of the owner of the adjacent property with the exception of bitumen crossovers constructed prior to January 2016 which the Town will maintain. View the Town's Policy Manual for more information.

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